Multi-modal Travel Agency

  • Multimodal Travel

    Trains, flights, buses, transfers, ferries, hotels, daytrips, insurances, car rent and other travel inventory are available on the same platfom for comparison and interline ticketing - we connect directly to supplier systems via API.

  • World Coverage

    Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, India, China, Japan, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Russia, Belarus, Czech, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and counting!

  • Built with Love

    Over a hundred people in ten countries are hard working to provide you with the best technology to compare different modes of transportation - our efforts already made over 2 million people happy!

  • Mobile Ready

    We focus on mobility as we understand the importance of being able to arrange a quick change in plans. More than 70% of our travelers are booking from mobile devices.

  • Live Support

    While IT is working on cancellation and date change automation, our multilingual support located in several countries is always ready to give a hand.

History and Mission

About us

Incorporated in Singapore in 2013 with its main operational office in Bangkok, 12Go is serving multinational customers with high-quality, safe, secure and efficient transportation services. The company became a powerful system for B2B and B2C online ticketing with its most advanced technology and based on state of the art programming.

Our ultimate goal is to connect the world door-to-door, from transfers to flights, under the same single-standard ticket. This is why our team is managing operators from many countries and connecting them with customers from all over the world.

Our mission is to be an integral member of the community by providing meaningful and cost-effective transportation choices. We want to help both the leisure and the business traveler to discover easily accessed transportation and compare e-tickets for buses, ferries, trains and air transportation with a global reach.

Our strategy is to bring service providers together instead of competing with each other, hence the wide list of partners accessing our inventory base from both consumer and provider side - passengers, transport operators (bus, ferry, railways, minivan, flights), fleet management systems, travel agencies, transportation alliances and payment gateways are now having one single entry point they can communicate through.


The team counts over 150 people working on a range of projects to expand the network and continuously improve the service. The management team is an experienced core coming from different business fields - IT, travel, finance, logistics. The team is distributed over several countries, while some are working from their nomadic travel locations.

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