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From Colombo Any Hotel to Kandy by Taxis

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Jan 17, 2019
train #1009 Second Class Seat, Sri Lanka Railways
12goasia did not work for me in Sri Lanka.2 of the tickets I booked 3 months earlier were suddenly not available and at Colombo station trying to book more I was told the redeeming office was way out of town so it was cheaper to no show and rebook at the railway station. Using this company has certainly been a waste of time and money for me. They do charge an enormous agency fee but don't deliver. I have however been promised my money back on the tickets they could not honour.
Jan 2, 2019
train #Viceroy II #1007 VIP AC, ViceRoy II by 12Go
Great experience - the carriage was excellent. We appreciated the complementary cup of tea too! Slight confusion when arriving at the station as to whether we needed paper tickets, so maybe this could be improved.
Jan 2, 2019
train #Viceroy II #1007 VIP AC, ViceRoy II by 12Go
Great train journey. Excellent instructions from 12Go Asia . Very luxurious!
Dec 27, 2018
train #1019 First Class Seat, Sri Lanka Railways
Excellent! everything was very smooth. We exchanged a couple of emails and just before departure received an email from 12go explaining everything. It was very good to know that there would be a 12go representative at the station. The ViceRoyII was an amazing experience, I do not regret at all the extra that we had to pay for it. The staff was very nice and helpful with my 1 year boy that also loved the expereince. Highly recommended
Dec 25, 2018
train #1029 First Class Seat, Sri Lanka Railways
Picking up tickets: We went directly from the airport in Negombo to pick up our tickets (by taxi) on the 24th of December, and the office was open. Which was great. The office is about 7 kilometers from the train station, but we had already figured that out, and asked the taxi to drive us to both stops. The taxi cost us 3000 rupees, and a bus ride would probably have cost us a total of 500 rupees (for two people). But the time we saved, and the comfort of the taxi ride compared to taking the bus (which according to the driver did not go on that day - Christmas) was money well spent. Train ride: We had first class tickets. At first, we did not find the first class carriage, since we got on the train before they had attached the first class carriage to the train. So we ended up sitting in second class, until the train ticket collector told us where to go. First class has air con and the ride was nice with great views. Overall we had a good experience.
Dec 20, 2018
train #1015 1st Class Seat, Sri Lanka Railways
The booking was changed, I did not get notified about it! I only found out when you delivered the tickets to the hotel
Dec 15, 2018
train #1015 1st Class Seat, Sri Lanka Railways
Thank you so much for your kind assistance with the ticket
Nov 28, 2018
train #1015 1st Class Seat, Sri Lanka Railways
Very poor service at Stef Lanka in Colombo. Waited for office to open in the morning for over half an hour before we gave up! So we tried calling the hotline 20 times during the day but no reply. Some Hotline! Finally made a second visit late afternoon with success. Train to Kandy very bumpy aircon carriage was ok
Nov 26, 2018
train #1019 First Class Seat, Sri Lanka Railways
I ordered a return ticket from fort Colombo to Kandy, I received the away ticket, after a great deal of searching for the office in Colombo in a taxi. The return ticket was missing . I phoned many times over two days assurances were given the ticket was on its way by a driver . I'm now in Kandy with no return ticket which cost 20 UK pounds far more expensive than had I had bought a ticket in Sri Lanka. Very disappointed to lose the money as I'm sure no compensation will be forth coming The issuing office was Stef Lanka
Oct 14, 2018
train #1029 First Class Seat, Sri Lanka Railways
This train booking was so easy and worked perfectly. Great to be able to book in advance and not have to buy the ticket the day of the train journey.

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How to get from Colombo to Kandy

Travelling between Colombo and Kandy is possible by taxi. Taxi guarantees the fastest travel on this route. Taxi is the slowest option.

The most expensive ticket will cost you LKR 26,975 if you go by taxi; to keep it budget-friendly, opt for a taxi which will set you back mere LKR 19,586.

How long does it take to get from Colombo to Kandy?

It can take you anywhere between 5 and 5 hours to travel between Colombo and Kandy depending on the means of transport you choose.

Taxi is the fastest way to travel between Colombo and Kandy. Taxi will bring you to your destination in 5h. Taxi does a much slower job and take about 5h to reach Kandy.

How much does it cost to get from Colombo to Kandy?

Travelling between Colombo and Kandy can be as cheap as LKR 19,586 if you opt for a Stef Lanka Tours (Stef Lanka Tours) taxi and as expensive as LKR 26,975 if you buy a Stef Lanka Tours (Stef Lanka Tours) taxi ticket.

Here is the list of how much you can expect to pay travelling by each means of transport available for this route.

How many trips per day are there between Colombo and Kandy ?

  • 3 from Colombo to Kandy starting from 00:00 Colombo Any Hotel until 00:00 Colombo Any Hotel
  • 1 from Colombo to Kandy starting from 09:45 Colombo Fort until 09:45 Colombo Fort

Check above for a bus, train, flight and ferry timetable from Colombo to Kandy.

What is the most popular transport to get from Colombo to Kandy?

There is a choice of transportation means any time of the day with charter remaining the most popular option due to their reasonable pricing and comfort.

Out of 1000 travellers who bought tickets for this route

  • 1000 bought a taxi ride
  • 1000 took a train